The Ideas Edition

Google AI Painting

Why this image? It's made by AI. That's an idea you'll need to start getting used to. And as AI develops or sparks the imagination it's important to recognise our ideas are a valuable currency. But only if we can turn them into reality. This edition of TQ serves as a starting guide for Asia Pacific IT and Business leaders looking to create or realise new ideas and innovation.

Networking in the world of IoT
Tech Research Asia dives into the new world of networking being created by IoT projects and other influences. The innovation driven by IoT projects demands different ways of thinking about our networks. We are in a new frontier when it comes to connecting things.

The Emerging Technology and Innovation Checklist for CxOs

Making ideas work for your organisation requires some structure and purpose. We all want to improve what we already do, or create new experiences or ways of doing things. But this very rarely happens out of the blue. The hoary adage, "you make your own luck" more often than not applies.. Read the Emerging Technology and Innovation Checklist .

Chat Bot Services for Your New Customer Experience

New interfaces and ways of engaging with our customers are quickly maturing and spreading. Chatbots aren’t new, but are part of this exciting new domain of the customer (and employee) experience. Read more here.

CxO Checklists

In-depth strategy questions to ask of your own organisation.">

The Emerging Technology and Innovation Checklist for CxOs