How fast could you learn to use a swing?

By Trevor Clarke, Tech Research Asia co-founder and director

If you put a child, teenager or adult on a swing and they'd never used one before, how long do you think it would take for them to be able to swing at will and without assistance?

When I've asked this of executives across the Asia Pacific region the responses range from "a day" through to "several months". If you've got kids, you'd know that it can take a long time before they are swinging back and forth, giving you a heartache every time they go that little bit too high.

The next question I ask, is how long do you think it might take a machine learning robot to do the same?

The video below gives you one answer, and it's likely this is much quicker than what humans can do. It's a great way to show what machine learning is all about and highlights the advances we've made in this area. So if you have an executive or colleague that doesn't yet get "machine learning" or what all the fuss is with artificial intelligence, show them this and ask them how long it took them to learn to use a swing.