The AI Edition

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning present duelling opportunities and risks. Some minor and some existential. Few organisations and their leaders truly grasp this reality. We don't pretend to have all the answers in this latest edition of TQ, but we trust the content below gives you and your organisation a good start on your AI and ML journey.

FinTech and Artificial Intelligence: Fiction or Becoming Fact?
Tech Research Asia dives into how artificial intelligence is driving a wave of FinTech developments in the ASEAN region. We offer examples of FinTech products and services already hitting the market that contain a significant AI component and outline what this means for organisational leaders.

Natural Language Processing and Generation Tools to Consider

Creating conversational user interfaces and any output of AI or ML requires NLP and NLG tools. Today you have a choice of using open source libraries or a commercial service (via APIs). Read the List of NLP and NLG Tools Available .

Chat Bot Services for Your New Customer Experience

New interfaces and ways of engaging with our customers are quickly maturing and spreading. Chatbots aren’t new, but are part of this exciting new domain of the customer (and employee) experience. Read more here.