The top 10 Asia Pacific technology news, analysis, and resources from March, 2015

The Top 10 Asia Pacific Tech Wrap for March 2015. This article is TQ’s monthly collection of the most important stories, analysis, research, data, and announcements on tech-related issues in the Asia Pacific region for executives and other leaders. We take you to the primary source of the stories that made the headlines so you can make your own judgements and raise your own questions.

TQ Wrap for March 2015 Source: Flikr Creative Commons

Unauthroized digital certificates used by a partner of the China Internet Network Information Center (CINIC) in a test lab led Google to > not recognise certificates issued by CINIC in its products, leaving many Chinese websites potentially disrupted.

India’s Supreme Court struck down the controversial Section 66A of the Information Technology Act – which saw people arrested for comments posted online – as unconstitutional.

The South Korean government announced plans to invest an additional $8 billion in the ICT industry by 2020.

In a sign that a shift in workplace strategy might be finally starting to happen, Samsung said it would implement flexible work hours for some staff.

McKinsey Japan released a new report on the country’s economic performance and noted productivity will be key. This includes through “innovation and entrepreneurship”, fast-tracking the “journey of digitization”, and embracing automation and big data, among other steps.

Online tech news service, Tech In Asia, came up with this list of useful venture capital firms in Singapore.

The Asia Cloud Computing Association, released a report looking into the readiness of the region’s SMEs for adopting cloud computing.

The Australian government’s Competition Policy Review Final Report was released on 31 March.

Australia’s controversial data retention bill was finally passed into law on March 26th. The full bill is available online.

Statistics New Zealand released its Business Operations Survey: 2014. The research looks at how NZ organisations are using technology and noted that only 50% of firms use the internet to sell goods and services, but that this makes up only 10% of total sales.

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