10 Resources for the On Demand Workforce in Asia Pacific

On demand worker marketplaces have always been with us. In some places employers would drive up to workers waiting on a street corner for a job and pick and choose who they offer work to there and then. That still happens today in person in many places. Of course, we also now have a growing number of online marketplaces, some for generic purposes and some for specialised skills.

The use of these online marketplaces is now commonplace and has connected companies with skilled individuals in ways that were never before possible. However, while there are several global on-demand worker marketplaces, there are also many localised competitors that play host to skilled contractors.

The following list is offered as an introduction to on-demand marketplaces in Asia Pacific. It's not an exhaustive list but hopefully gives your organisation some options for consideration.

The Asia Pacific On Demand Workforce Reading List

Across the region


Freelancer is one of the largest and most well-known providers in the market. Since its launch in Australia it has also successfully localised its platform into many Asian markets. While positioning itself toward the SMB market, it is also an option for enterprise. As with most marketplaces, freelancers recieve ratings on their performance and projects are managed from within either the Freelancer website or one of its apps.


Upwork is another of the big global on demand workforce platforms that can be accessed from anywhere in Asia Pacific. While it hasn't yet localised its service into Asian languages like Freelancer.com, Upwork provides an enterprise offering that is used by many multi-national corporations. This service effectively provides a private tool with features like team rooms for managing the freelancer or contractor workforce.


Fiverr is another global version of an on demand marketplace that lets freelancers and contractors offer any service for a fiver, or for $5. While it is in English and other languages, none of them are Asian.


Another of the many global marketplaces, Guru.com is popular but only offers English language services.



Lancers is the biggest and most popular on demand worker marketplace in Japan and has been so for many years. If you want great Japanese freelancers, then this is the marketplace to use. The only problem is that you need Japanese language skills as they don't offer the platform in other languages.


Crowdworks is a more recent addition to the freelancer marketplace game in Japan. Like Lancers, however, it is only available in Japanese.


Anytimes is more of a task market, where you can post tasks in Japanese for someone to complete on your behalf. Similar to Airtasker or TaskRabbit.



Airtasker is a popular task market in Australia that has global ambitions. It is less focussed on contracting work, and more for finding people that can complete tasks for you such as mowing the lawn, picking up shopping, and so forth.



Although there are many marketplaces in China, the beauty of Witmart is that it also has an English version, which makes it easier to access for international businesses that don't have Chinese skills.



Sribulancer is Indonesia's version of Freelancer.com. It has both Bahasa and English versions and strong membership from freelancers in the archipelago. A newer entrant in the country is Projects.co.id