The Work Edition


Welcome to TQ. Translating Technology. We're kicking off our open online journal with The Work Edition. An exploration of trends and insights related to "work" across Asia Pacific as it is today and in future. Below you'll see links to feature research reports, case studies of workplace strategy adoption, thought provoking essays, CxO checklists to help with strategy, and essential reading lists. The world of work is changing. It always will. We hope the TQ Work Edition helps you adapt and succeed.

3 Cities: 3 Questions
Tech Research Asia dives into what employees think are their most productive workspace, what frustrates them about technology at work, and whether they believe any technology will disrupt their role in future. 60 people across Sydney, Singapore, and Tokyo joined TRA for a coffee and a vox pop video interview to share their views.

Smart Farms in ASEAN: Risks and rewards for some of the most vulnerable

When we talk about the "future of work", very rarely do we hear anything about agriculture, in what remains a large employing industry in ASEAN - one of the most populous regions in the world. In the Asia Pacific IT industry, the agricultural sector has never really been considered a sexy market. In most countries, it represents but a fraction of the end user spending and is a difficult market to develop and stimulate demand. Read more about why we need to start a conversation on smart farms in ASEAN

Wearables @ Work: A Guide for CIOs and CxOs

The promise of wearable technology is something all business and IT leaders should appraise for their organisation. While the current focus of wearables is on “the next big thing” in consumer markets, there are many ways to apply wearables @ work. This TRA research report delivers a comprehensive guide to wearable technology for business and IT leaders. Read more here.