Resources for Understanding AI

By Tech Research Asia

Artificial Intelligence is a complex and evolving field that can take some time to fully grasp. It is far more nuanced than popular media would have it, and filled with great opportunity and risk. The following are just some of the resources we think are worth reading to give you a grasp of what's happening.

The TRA Ideation and Innovation Reading List

By Trevor Clarke, Tech Research Asia co-founder and director

I haven’t met a business or IT leader yet that doesn’t think great ideas and innovation are a good thing for their organisation. We regularly run workshops with business and IT leaders in enterprises across Asia Pacific and it’s clear to us that not everyone can come up with their own great ideas or identify opportunities for innovation when they see it – especially when technology is involved.

The TRA Blockchain Explainer + Reading List

by Mark Iles, Tech Research Asia Executive Consultant

Developments in the FinTech world have taken centre stage in both technology, financial and mainstream press over the last 12 months. Notably the rapid progress and adoption of mobile payments and changing financial services landscape as banks scramble to partner with technology providers or try to go their own way fearing long term competitive threats from tech giants.

10 Resources for the On Demand Workforce in Asia Pacific

On demand worker marketplaces have always been with us. In some places employers would drive up to workers waiting on a street corner for a job and pick and choose who they offer work to there and then. That still happens today in person in many places. Of course, we also now have a growing number of online marketplaces, some for generic purposes and some for specialised skills.