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The Wearables @ Work Checklist

It is unlikely at this stage of market evolution that wearables will offer any IT cost savings. Rather the adoption of wearables will be an additional IT expenditure, so the focus must be on what value the technology can provide to any organisation. The following checklist is offered as a starting point for both business and IT leaders in their evaluation of wearables @ work:

  • Have you conducted a thorough evaluation of how wearables could contribute to organisational goals and/or add more value in the following areas:

The New Legal Office - Corrs Chambers Westgarth Workplace and Technology Strategy

Corrs Chambers Westgarth Sydney Offices This case study was originally published by Tech Research Asia in 2014 and written independently of any sponsorships or funding. Images courtesy of Corrs Chambers Westgarth and Batesmart.

Executive Summary