Computing gives an artist new tools to be creative

The greatest tool of artists is their imagination but it is limited by their knowledge (try imagining something you don’t know). But the diversity computing offers may address this problem.

For the creative artist, computers supply three basic tools: access to information, software, and new ways to interact.

In 1945, the American engineer and inventor Vannevar Bush predicted a world where:

How sci fi-inspired innovation treads a fine line between dystopia and utopia

The race is on to bring a jetpack to market. New Zealand-based Martin Aircraft has a jetpack and US-based JetPack Aviation is working on a more streamlined offering. So aviation junkies with the cash to spare will soon be able to get their hands on what has long been the preserve of science fiction.

Escaping the office: The growing movement to take work outdoors

Libby Sander, Griffith University

A pop-up tree office in London is the latest expression of a growing movement to take work out of the office into the landscape of the city. Designed as an installation for the recent London Festival of Architecture, the tree-house coworking space is equipped with power and wi-fi and will be available to hire for several months.